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A proven approach to deal with the stress of finding a new job

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When you find yourself between jobs and under pressure to find a new one, anxiety can be a real risk. You’ve been attending interview after interview and receiving rejections, or worse, being ghosted especially when your interview had seemed to go well. You end up following up a lot with no response which can develop frustration, anger, and anxiety. You start doubting your abilities — What if I mess up this interview? What will be the impact of this gap in my career? How will I justify losing my previous job? Will I ever get a job? Do I have…

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The present crisis triggered by the pandemic situation worldwide has presented a humongous challenge in front of the corporate leaders of today. Research reports indicate that on account of COVID-19 triggered interventions such as remote work and skeleton crew, employees are more likely to face anxiety, stress, and burnout.

The results have started shockingly manifesting themselves wherein almost 46% of company executives, out of 1000 respondents in a recent Deloitte survey, have expressed fears of a reduction in performance efficiency due to this situation.

Tuning in right — Getting on the track

The situation has gotten worse at an alarming rate and your team members fear that their…

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“Employees do not quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.”

This famous saying holds great relevance in the present times. Well, the ever-increasing attrition rates across industries have led to bosses asking the question, “What is it about me that is making so many employees quit the company?”

If, as a manager, you are also having such thoughts, then it would help you to know that as per a recent report, only 50% of employees believe that their bosses are transparent and honest with them.

Transparency in communication at the workplace is one of the most important factors for employees…

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As a manager, you always want a team that comprises motivated individuals with innate creativity and drive to work together to achieve company goals. Well, who does not want a self-driven dream team and can deliver the results every time, without fail?

While this may sound too good to be true but remember that the industry leader in your niche has reached the top by creating ‘A-Teams.’ So, why can’t you create your very own A-Teams and take affirmative steps towards achieving your organisational goals?

Creating A-Teams: Challenges Galore

Different individuals have varied expectations in terms of their career pathways. As a manager, you…

Great managers bring high employee engagement

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“I hate my manager”

Let’s accept it — everyone has gone through this phase. Statistics says that 5 out of 10 people quit their jobs due to managers. People complain of bosses who micromanages them, steal credit, behavioural issues, and otherwise make them unhappy. Well, my first reaction was to feel bad for this person. That’s a horrible way to face your day. And I can certainly relate to that feeling!

But it also got me thinking. I can attest first hand to the plenty of horrible bosses out there. And it’s pretty easy to blame them for our misery…

An Indian account of Iceland travels filled with crazy stories and personal emotions packed with mindblowing pictures

That’s me at the mouth of Skogafoss waterfall

Travel is, for most of us, a blissful ride full of surprises, amazing experiences, countless pictures, and treats. But I think there is more to it than just sightseeing, Instagram stories, and social media updates. Traveling to new parts of the world can be one of the most valuable tools for personal growth out there.

Last year, I and my college buddies had planned for a long vacation together. We were tired of gift shops, town centers, old and new city bridges, and cobblestoned shopping streets. We realized we need something experiential into the lap of nature.

So we decided…

Varun Varma

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